Professional Diagnostic Services

Keep Your Car Running Smoothly With Our Accurate Diagnostics

When you're experiencing an issue with your vehicle, don't waste time — bring it to DARE Automotive Specialists Inc for a full diagnostic test. We offer an array of services to keep your car running smoothly and you safe on the road.

Keep up with your maintenance, replace or repair your brakes, or get tune-ups from our experienced team. Contact us today.
Diagnostic Service

Diagnostic Services We Provide

  • Identify fault codes
  • Scan all systems
  • Pinpoint any issues
  • Prevent future issues
  • ASE-certified support
  • Experienced and professional mechanics
  • Quick results
We offer a 90-day, 
4,000-mile WARRANTY.
Call: 937-433-8743
Our team is dedicated to finding the solutions that keep your vehicle in top condition.
"Dave has always been great and fast with all our vehicles. They have helped to keep our 3 cars running in top shape over the year. I would never take them anywhere else." - Derek S.
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