Transmission Repair
in Centerville, OH

Transmission Repair in Centerville, OH
Transmission Repair in Centerville, OH
We can fix the transmission of any vehicle make and model from manual to automatic transmissions.  Our expert mechanics will diagnose your transmission problem and help you make a decision about whether you need just a repair or a full replacement.   We will help you analyze a transmission replacement cost against a repair and give you our expert opinion.  We will always be honest in what you really need, and we are competitively priced.
We are 10% less than any independent shop and 25% less than any dealership.

The transmission is a complex system.  It includes gears, clutches, seals, and bearings.  These are all lubricated and cooled with transmission fluid.  It is important to get this fluid changed periodically or you can be looking at expensive transmission repairs.  If the fluid isn’t changed so it can cool the components, the heat caused by mileage friction results in the breakdown of a component or complete transmission failure.

Transmission Repairs are among the most costly repairs required for your vehicle. Check out our Auto Maintenance page for information on what regular transmission maintenance and other maintenance your vehicle needs to avoid costly repairs.

We offer a warranty of six months or 6,000 miles.
They fix only what needs to be fixed!  I take all my cars there.
— Charles E.
Call DARE Automotive at 937-433-8743.  We can answer any of your transmission questions.  You can also fill out our online form and we will contact you soon.  You don’t need an appointment!  You may also drop in and visit our auto shop on Marco Ln in Centerville, OH.  We service Springboro, Kettering, Miamisburg, Centerville, and all surrounding areas.
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